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Monday April 10,  7 - 9 pm
at Owen Brown Community Center
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6800 Cradlerock Way, Columbia, MD 21045

Friday , March , 31 2023
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The recipients for 2012 were presented at the July 8, 2013 meeting are:

  • All-Star Award - to Molly Hochman - For acting as Board of Directors Secretary, organizing and leading the Annual Crab Feasts, Chincoteague Weekends, and other trips
  • Pioneer Award - to Kat Rhee - For the contributions and forward-thinking of the marketing campaign to increase the membership and reach out to new members.
  • Unsung Hero Award (Formerly the Marty Womack Award) - to Jan O’Connor - For her invaluable advice and counsel to the Board of Directors
  • Ed Graf Lifetime Achievement Award - to Tom Stanitis - For his long and lasting contributions to the club
  • Black Diamond Award - to Bill Schrodel - For his contributions as both CSC Ski Coordinator and President of the BRSC
  • Chairlift Award - to Lynne Wagner - In recognition for her work in organizing and managing the elections
  • Retirement - to Judith Schlesinger - Need we say more? Recently retired long-time member of, and contributor to the CSC
  • Helping Hand Award - to Athena & Scott Dalrymple - For their work with new activities, and for helping with the mini-golf tournament
  • President’s Award - to Jim Ferrant - For his much-appreciated assistance to our previous president, John Wetterau

Details are in the August 2013 Black Diamond Xpress on our Newsletters Page

The recipients for 2009 were presented at the May 10, 2010 meeting are:

  • All Star Award - to Jean McArdle for serving on the Board of Directors and as Vice President for two consecutive terms, and for volunteering to do things that needed to be done rather than making the Board ask for volunteers.
  • Pioneer Award - to Chris and Karen Law for bringing innovative ideas for new activities to the Club, specifically Quiz Nite, Orioles Bull Pen Party and Curling.
  • Marty Womack Award - to Denise Berger- for bringing variety to our dining out events, such as special holiday dinners (Passover Seder at her home), the impromptu Surviving the Storm dining out (to cure our cabin fever), and Dim Sum dining out.
  • Ed Graf Lifetime Achievement Award to John Wettereau - for all his contributions to the Club, such as: serving as treasurer, data base administrator, membership directory team, trip leader and Director.
  • Black Diamond Award - to Terry McClung for the outstanding job this year getting more than 40 members out of Baltimore for the Whitefish trip despite unprecedented snow storms.
  • Chairlift Award - to Judith Schlesinger for membership committee and unique wine tasting events at her home, AND to Brenda Dorenfeld and Robert Imperato for running the hospitality table and making visitors feel welcome.
  • New award for this year - The Oscar - given to member(s) for a great job organizing new activities or social events. Awarded to Marge Collins for Cinema Sundays and Lisa Bianco for the summer movies in Little Italy.
  • President's Award - to Gary Prestianni for his outstanding support to the president.
  • Presidential Award - to outgoing president Rob Foard for his leadership over the past year.


Submitted by 2005 Awards Committee Chair, Ted Dietz

At the May 2005 General Meeting, we recognized the following people for their contributions to the club over the past year:

MOGIE AWARDS -- presented to CSC members for their noteworthy contributions to the club over the past year

Jim Leavy - website
Jeff Headlee - membership
Gail May - secretary
Ron Cote - activities
Michelle Bugenhagen - activities
Ted Leoutsakos - activities
Alexa Fair - board member, cultural activities
Ted Miksinski - race team
Bob and Deb McCune - activities
Gary Prestianni - newsletter, camping trips, Christmas in April
Ken Sall - web site, board member
Joyce Wronka - hospitality, activities
John Wetterau - past treasurer
Lynne Pusanik - newsletter assistant, election
Sue Muller - community service, ski trips, dancing

Other awards were:

  • President’s Award - John Weiland
  • Presidential Award- Ronald Fedorczak
  • Helping Hand Award- Ted Sillings
  • All Star Award-  Kathy Pohlmyer
  • Pioneer Award-  Lisa Jaworski
  • Marty Womack Award-  Tom Delaney
  • Black Diamond Award- Terry McClung
  • Chairlift Award-   Diane Corwin
  • Ed Graf Award-  Steve Panzer