Next Meeting - Monday Jan 13th 
 7:30 pm 
@ The Meeting House
5885 Robert Oliver Place, Columbia, MD 21045

Thursday , December , 12 2019

Updated:  12/04/19  


Wednesday December 11 - 6:30 pm
at Monster Mini Golf  - Jessup

7351 Assateague Dr, Jessup, MD 20794


Our Awards Dinner was held November 6th at Union Jacks in Columbia.
27 attended the dinner, 13 received awards / prizes for the 2019 season.

First Place: Joy Merski & Carol Kolb
Each won 3 rounds, placed 2nd in 3 rounds, had 152 tour points 

Third Place: Arnold Eudell
Fourth Place: Scott Dalrymple  Fifth Place: John Tefft

Most Improved: Tom Donohue

Rookie of the Year: Erin Moyer

Most Holes in One: Carol Kolb  (19)

Most Quads: Gary Prestianni  (14)

Least Bogeys: Joy Merski (4 in 17 rounds)

Best Round Score: Carol Kolb & Barry Schiffer (tied with a 37)

Best 9 Score - Tom Delaney, Barry Schiffer & Carol Kolb (tied with a 17)


New players are always welcome to join our friendly competition. 
Come out and have some laughs with us.  Just show up at the scheduled time.


  MINI GOLF  2018  

The 2018 Awards Dinner was Oct. 24.  29 attended, 18 players received an award or prize for the season. 

 43 played on our 2018 tour, average of 18 per round. 



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