In light of the rapidly growing developments of the coronavirus (COVID-19),
and in keeping with Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and
Governmental mandates, we have suspended
all club sponsored meetings and activities until further notice. 
We urge all club members to follow health and safety recommendations
from CDC and government authorities on reducing the spread of COVID-19. 
Bruce Brown (President), Mike Di Prospero ('20-'21 President) & Board of Directors
Saturday , March , 28 2020

Updated:  3/22/20  

 The 2020 Mini Golf season is suspended until future notice. 
Full 2020 Schedule click here  

New players are always welcome to join our friendly competition. 
Come out and have some laughs with us.  Just show up at the scheduled time.

  2019  Season  
The 2019 Awards Dinner was held Nov. 6th, 27 attended & 13 received awards. We had 62 participants during the 2019 season.

1st Place (tie):  Joy Merski & Carol Kolb  / 3rd Place: Arnold Eudell   /  4th Place: Scott Dalrymple    /   5th Place: John Tefft

Most Improved: Tom Donohue   /   Rookie of the Year: Erin Moyer

Most Holes in One: Carol Kolb  (19)    /   Most Quads: Gary Prestianni  (14)   /  Least Bogeys: Joy Merski (4 in 17 rounds)

Best Round: Carol Kolb & Barry Schiffer (tied @ 37)   /  Best 9 Score - Tom Delaney, Barry Schiffer & Carol Kolb (tied @ 17)


   2018  Season   

The 2018 Awards Dinner was Oct. 24th, 29 attended &18 received awards.  43 played during 2018 tour, avg. of 18 per round. 



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