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Thursday , March , 22 2018

Updated: 3/20/18

2018 CSC Mini Golf Tour

The 2018 Mini Golf World Tour (it’s a small world after all) begins April 4th with a warm up round at Monster Mini Golf in Jessup.
This year 13 rounds are scheduled, a bonus round has been added in September. 

The playing fee for 2018 will be just $5.00 USD.
All monies go to the Awards to be presented at the End of Season Dinner in October.

There are several changes to the Scoring and Rules, all with the intention to increase both competition and enjoyment.

For example, the Double Desmond (four consecutive 2’s) is replaced with Quads – four of any number in a row.  
While four consecutive 5’s or 6’s are not as desirable as four 2’s, players get credit for consistency.

Power Ups will still be in effect for specified rounds, favorites will remain and others retired. 
One new Power up will be the Jumanji – Roll the dice and replace a bad hole score with whatever comes up. 
(Beware-the dice are not typical but no lions, floods nor spiders should appear) 
The entire set of Rules, the revised Scoring Table and details will be available soon. 


Please check the schedule, mark your calendar and join us for a fun season.


Full schedule (dates, times, venues) for the 2018 Tour (PDF file)


 2016 Winners

                                      2016 Winners: Mark, Gary and Chris                                                                                                                                         Come join the fun